This short ≈ 1 minute video outlines our inspection technologies and process:

Every part undergoes a thorough inspection. We utilize a fine collection of the very latest inspection tools either on the shop floor or at our inspection lab. We have multiple CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines, Video Coordinate Measuring Machines and Circular Geometry Measuring Machines.

Some of our special inspection instruments include:

  • Hexagon Metrology Global Advantage / CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf PGI Optics

  • Scienscope XT Video CMM

  • RAM Optical Video CMM

  • Federal Products Formscan Circular Geometry Gaging System

  • Olympus BX41M Nomarski Microscope

  • Brown & Sharpe Tesa Micro Height Gage

  • Zygo GPI-XP Inerferometer System, MetroPro Data Analysis

  • Zygo Zegage Plus, Interferometric 3D Profiler, MetroPro Data Analysis

  • Zygo Interferometric Radius Measurement System

  • Microscopic Video Capture with the ability to print, print to file and email

  • Bruker S1 Sorter X-ray Positive Material Identification

  • KEYENCE Instant Measurement System

  • KEYENCE IM-7000 Instant Measurement System

  • KEYENCE XM-1600 Coordinate Measuring Machine